How To Open a Bottle of Wine Right

Blog 🕔April 28, 2017

Every bottle comes sealed. To unseal it, a knife can be used. It can be placed right under the bottle’s ‘lip’, and then turned around till it comes back to where it started. The corkscrew is then inserted in the centre. You need to position it correctly and twist – this requires a bit of effort – so that it goes in.

The depth of penetration should not be shallow. If you do this, only the top part of the cork would come out, detached from the rest, when you pull back the corkscrew. You should insert the corkscrew till only a small part of it is visible. Instead of using all your force to pull it out, try doing so gently.

Different bottles of wine are corked differently, so here is a tip – find out how much force is required so that the bottle becomes half-uncorked. Then use the same force to remove the cork in full. This ensures that the wine doesn’t spill out.

A lever opener, sometimes known as a butterfly corkscrew wine opener, helps you do this cleanly. We hope that you learned something from this inaugural blog post on We promise to bring you more of such articles, such as the different types of wine and their history, the best cheeses / foods that could be paired with them, and a lot of video tutorials on how to do things right with wine.

In short, we aim to be a complete resource for wine, so that you will never have to go anywhere else for information.

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