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Blog 🕔August 16, 2017

We have long since entered the era of convenience delivered directly right at our doorsteps. Of course, it all starts with buying the items online. You name it – food, groceries, clothes, furnitures, appliances, electronics, books, flowers, and the list goes on. So to speak, buying wine online isn’t really considered as a taboo; it has become a norm. There are, of course, pros and cons between the battle of this online versus brick and mortar stores, but nothing’s wrong with venturing into a modernize way of buying things, especially wine. Besides, you might even learn a thing or two about new wines online that your local store cannot provide. The key here is to find out the online store that would capture your tastebud, and have fun while doing it.

Cellars Wine Club
Nothing provides customers with top rated wines at greatly discounted prices like the Cellars Wine Club. Their crew hand-picks awesome wine selections monthly that are then delivered directly to your door. What started out as a small club online back in 1999 has rapidly grown into a premier retail wine shop. Their secret? Love for wine! And from that love blossomed the passion to help other wine enthusiasts discover the vinos meant for them. The Cellars Wine Club lets you pick your favorite club – red, international, or 90+ – with a free standard shipping, “no bad bottle” guarantee, and round the clock cancellation.

California Wine Club
You can never go wrong with a wine club whose goal is to make you happy. In that note, let us introduce to you The California Wine Club, founded in 1990, which caters remarkably exclusive handcrafted wine in order to give their customers the beauty and thrill of discovering delicious gems. Their wines may be too difficult to find in your local stores or shops as they are hand-picked from the finest small family wineries. And that’s what makes them worth your while. Bruce and Pam Boring, the club founders, have been delivering to thousands of their wine club members every month for the past 7 years or so. Here’s the real catch – membership is free! Plus, you can cancel your orders any time. With that, you get to enjoy their wines that suit your taste and budget while supporting small family wineries handcrafted vinos.
Wired For Wine

Wired for Wine
Tanya Tucillo and Evans Gebhart have proved themselves oenophilic in their respective niches, and are both self-acclaimed foodies with a heart for well-curated and discounted wines. They have manifested themselves being worthy to be trusted with anything food and wine combined due to the skillsets that they each possess; Tanya being adept with her culinary skills, and Evans finely polished with his marketing career. Both meets what every clients need – free shipped wine paired with a sumptious meal.

Plonk Wine Club
Wine expert Etty Lewensztain longs to bring their customers the authenticity of drinking wine that is naturally bottled using organic and biodynamic methods. Needless to say, these vinos don’t contain colorants, acidifiers, artificial sugars, alcohol enhancements, or chemicals of any sort. Meaning, they are the farmers’ passionate fruit of labor, so you can really count on its genuine taste. Customers can choose a variety of wine clubs: mixed wine club, red wine club, white wine club, cabernet club, pinot noir club, and sauvignon club. Not only does the club promote taking a leap on “something exotic, unfamiliar and delicious,” but they also take wine education seriously. Their shipments contains detailed descriptions and tasting notes for each of their featured wines. And as expected of a wine expert, the perfect scrumptious pair for the wines are also featured.

Give the Gift of Wine!

Wine of the Month Club
Going back as far as 1972, The Original Wine of the Month Club was the first wine in the mail and one of America’s finest and trusted source of unique and captivating wines. Paul Jr. has kept his father’s business alive by delivering high quality wines at the lowest possible shipping cost and the best price in the industry. “You never pay for a wine you do not like” – that is the guarantee Paul Jr. has instilled in their loyal members and customers. You can make sure that they only deliver quality wines as each package is shipped with a newsletter explaining every delicate and important detail – from the person who made the wine to the best possible dishes that accompanies it. Aside from its open-book operations, you are safe to pay no more than $21.95 with no dues or hidden charges. Also, you can cancel anytime with no obligation; just as they say, “you never pay for a wine you do not like.”

Winecrasher is the definition of a witty online wine shop. Why? Well, they sure are a generous and innovative team by revealing important information about a high quality wine, but they only do so once the customer has made his purchase. Their “exciting” business model, as described by Forbes, has its heart known as “cash pricing.” This model makes sure that they have the lowest US retail market price on the internet. Not only that, they also provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for their wines. Due to some people buying vinos from winecrasher just to see the actual label and then canceling the order later on, the team has put up a $5 per item restocking fee. But don’t worry, it’s all part of their very effective and unique model.

Fine spirits delivered.

The House of Glunz
As their banner reads, “generations of knowledge for a moment in the making,” truly, The House of Glunz has been tested by time as it began in 1888 by Louis Glunz Sr and has long stood still for over 120 years. Those years and years of hard work have finally produced the ultimate collections for valuable wines and the finest spirits at their utmost value. The House of Glunz is the oldest wine shop owned by a family – never breaking the legendary service of bringing only the rare wines and spirits from their extensive cellar to their customers wine glasses. You will certainly enjoy tasting a hundred years of success poured into one delicious sip.

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