21 Brilliant Wine Hacks Wine Drinkers Never Knew They Needed

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Everybody definitely needs a glass of wine or two during the week after a long and tiring day at work or when you really just feel like it. If only opening and popping a bottle is as easy as drinking a glass in sips. Sometimes you just get really annoyed when you can’t open a bottle without a corkscrew or when you can’t keep your wine cold or when you stain your favorite silk dress. Well, worry no more! This article has all the hacks you need to know to drink that cold glass of vino with ease. Keep scrolling.

21 Brilliant Wine Hacks for Wine Drinkers1. No corkscrew? Use a ribbon.

Pulling off this trick is not rocket science. You simply have to use a pen to push the cork through into the bottle. Hold the ribbon forming it into a “u” shape and place it inside the bottle, just beneath the cork so that it cradles the lowest part. Now, take a hold of bottle’s base with one hand while holding the ends of the ribbon with the other. Finally, pull the ends of the ribbon until the cork comes out.

2. No corkscrew and ribbon? Use a shoe.

If you can’t find a ribbon, we’re pretty sure you can find a shoe. All you have to do it put the base of the bottle tightly into the opening of a shoe, maybe your shoe, just make sure it’s clean so you won’t have a stinking bottle of wine. Next, grip the neck of the bottle with one hand while holding the toe of the shoe with your other hand. Hit the sole of the shoe against a wall firmly and securely, while making sure the bottle won’t break, until the cork loosens. You can pull out the rest of the cork with your hands.

3. Keep white wine cold with paper towels.

Paper towels have come a long way from just being a kitchen sidekick to an instant wine necessity. You can now keep your bottles of wine cold by wrapping them in a wet paper towel and putting them inside the freezer for at least 10 minutes. The paper towel keeps the bottle cold by providing coolness to the glass that will ensure you freshness with every glass.

4. Keep wine cold with ice and salt.

When you just can’t sit and wait for too long for your bottle to be chilly, you can put your wine in a bucket of ice and salt for faster cooling. The salt helps in lowering the freezing point of the ice causing the temperature of the bottle to lower instantly.

5. Frozen grapes over ice cubes.

Putting blocks of ice in your wine makes it watery and loses its natural taste. As an alternative to that, you can freeze your grapes to keep your wine from getting warm. That way, you can enjoy drinking your glass of vino while munching on grapes that kept your glass cool.

6. Store red wine below 70 degrees.

It’s quite tricky how to keep wine bottles fresh after it has been opened. You have to know exactly the correct temperature to story a wine. The bottles should not be stored above 70 degrees. The storage room should not have windows that would expose the bottle to the sun. Also, keep in mind to keep the bottle on its side.

7. Return the cork on the bottle.

If you can’t drink the entire bottle in one sitting and needs to save it for next time, put the cork back on the battle after every glass pour to maintain the flavor and freshness of the wine. The freshness of red and white wines stored in the fridge lasts about 3 to 5 days.

8. Extra wine makes great ice cubes.

Leftover wine should not go to waste. When you can’t finish an entire bottle of vino, pour the extra wine in an ice cube tray and freeze them so you can use them for cooking or as an ice for your next drink. This makes it easier for you to access them rather than pulling yet another cork off a bottle.

9. Buy wine directly from vineyards.

Unless you already have a favorite brand that you’ve been patronizing for a long time, buying less recognizable wine from vineyards might be great for you. It’s sort of a wine adventure that you could do because most of the time, underrated wines can satisfy not only your taste but also your wallet. Buying directly from the grower will save you money.
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10. Order the entire bottle.

When you’re out eating at a restaurant, chances are, you would usually just order a glass of wine. Well, that could very much cost you the entire bottle so why not buy the entire bottle instead? There are cases when your glass of wine may not be as fresh as you think because servers often pour single glasses from bottles that have been previously opened.

11. Remove wine stains with milk.

When you indulge yourself with too much wine, sometimes you can get a little bit clumsy. While wine stain can be a pretty much undesirable mark on your dress, you can easily erase it with milk. How? Simply pour milk onto the stain while it is still wet. Let the stain soak and it should be gone after an hour.

12. Remove wine stains with salt.

Another option aside from milk is by using salt. Salt absorbs the stain which makes it an easier and faster option to remove wine stains. Just cover the wet stain with table salt and let the salt do its magic. Brush off the salt gently with the use of a fabric.

13. Remove wine stains with shaving cream.

When you got stained at a restaurant and it has dried when you got home, the best solution for that is by using shaving cream. Cover the stain with the shaving cream that you normally use and then wash it in the washing machine with hot water. That should do the trick.

14. Remove wine stains with kitty litter.

Put your kitty litter into use by spreading half inch thick of it over the entire stain. Gently push it into the fabric to remove the stain. After that, finish off with a vacuum.

15. Ice pop in a glass of wine is summer heaven.

Nothing beats the heat of the sun on a hot summer day than a glass of wine with an ice pop on it. That’s right. Tweak your drink a little to add more fun and sweet flavors to it. An ice pop wine is totally a great idea for the summer.

16. Use coffee filter to get cork pieces out of the bottle.

When you don’t open a wine bottle’s cork properly, tiny crumbled pieces of it dives into the wine and could probably choke you if you don’t notice it. The best way to take it out is by using coffee filters by putting it on the mouth of the bottle and pouring it into a glass. The nasty bits will be caught in the paper and you should throw them out.
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17. Wine makes great slush.

Another great wine hack for the summer is by transforming your boring old wine drink into a freezing goodness. Rosé is perfect for this treat. Simply pour your rosé in an ice cube tray and then blend it up the next day.

18. Serve wine glasses using a muffin tin tray.

You won’t need to have multiple trips back to the kitchen to serve your guests. All you need is a muffin tin tray that will hold 12 small plastic glasses of wine at one time. Not only will you serve many people at a time, you also get to save your wine from spilling.

19. Lost cork? Re-cork with plastic wrap.

The cork might be good as lost if it’ll take you at least 5 minutes to find it. But don’t worry, there are always great alternatives. One of the simplest ways is by using a plastic wrap. Wrap the bottle in a plastic wrap first to help it glide back in with ease. You can now save your bottle for tomorrow

20. Sangria stretches a bottle.

When you just have too much guests and too little bottles of wine, making sangria will save the day. You just need a little bit of liquor, a bottle of red or white wine, and some of your favorite sliced fruits. The great thing about it is that Sangria can last for days, meaning you can always save some for later.

21. Keep wine corks for house decors.

You can make a great use for corks by collecting them. You can turn them into many things like, photo frames, window stopper, or even tree decorations on Christmas day. You can let your imagination run wild and think of brilliant ideas for these corks, rather than let them go to waste.

Make sure to try these hacks in order to make your life as a wine drinker more comfortable and enjoyable than ever! You can also share these tips to your fellow wine lovers to help them out. Do you have your own wine hack tips that you can share? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us in the comments below.

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